Come along and enjoy our hunting adventures in the Czech Republic. Located 200 kilometres north from Prague and based on 2500 square meters of forestry it’s a fantastic hunter’s paradise. We have 30 hunting towers situated in all areas of the hunting ranges.  Depending on your hunting requirements we have hunting times that start twice a day from afternoon until late evening, and then again till early morning. Our hunting stock consists over 200 deer and over 200 Wild Boar. We recommend a minimum of 2 days to truly enjoy the full Czech hunting experience and adventure. Accommodation is included with comfortable family lodgings with a traditional Czech cuisine restaurant on the property. 

You will be provided with and guided by a world renowned Czech hunter who has a lifetime experience of hunting and will use his expert knowledge to show you nothing but the very best locations and hunting spots of the forest. All hunters will have the option of retaining their trophies and have them professionally mounted before you leave this paradise.

Also if needed there can be provided a personal English speaking guide.   

After your hunting adventure... join each other at the bar for beers and various kinds of homemade liquor.  And if you’re manly enough then you can even challenge others to have an arm wrestle.


Doe, Roebuck, Male Fawn Female Fawn, 

Wild Boar (Sow, Boar, Piglet)

For more information please send us your unique hunting requirements and we will create a pricing options list for you. The choice of animals is dependent on the season.

Short version – Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill and adventure of a genuine Central European hunting trip. Set in its own designed hunting area you can follow our experienced trackers and/or sit and wait for the prey to come to you in our hunting towers set throughout the range 

Winter Sports

Experience the full range of Winter Activities with a specially designed day trips, short breaks or weekend trips. Our tour guides will pick you up from your hotel in Prague and drive you to the beautiful Czech mountains (which are just 90 minutes away) with a range of activities awaiting you. If you want to stay longer we can arrange accommodation for you, ranging from simplistic mountain huts to 5 star hotels. All needs can be accommodated. Return trip to Prague included.